I have been working in Knoxville as an internal medicine physician for 7 years. After working as an employed physician for 4 years I was determined to have more involvement in the business side of my practice as a managing partner and not just an employee.  It was critical to have decisive control over the financial aspects, the hiring and ongoing supervision of staff to build the practice I desired.  I had been in residency and heard only good things from physicians who were part of Summit Medical Group, so I proceeded to evaluate becoming part of the group.  After meeting with the administrative team, I knew I would be more satisfied with my work and the practice would be more successful if I moved my practice to Summit.  I have now been a part of this group for 3 years and I have seen my patient base, and office encounter volume grow to almost capacity. The financial incentive is the best in medicine due to the strength of the group as a whole. I know I will work for many more years and, when the time comes, be able to retire soundly with continued support of Summit Medical Group.