"Four years ago, I had been practicing as an Internal Medicine physician for over 17 years, and I was less than eager about changing my practice location AND joining a group of physicians that I knew very little about.  Basically, I was very discouraged in my current clinical practice at the time, and I was searching for someone that I knew personally who was actively involved in a primary care practice that voiced enthusiasm with their current medical practice.  Interestingly, I had great difficulty finding a colleague who seemed satisfied with their current clinical practice.  I called an old friend of mine from medical school (Dr. Mike West—Norwood site), and I simply asked him if he was happy with his current practice in terms of management, professional atmosphere, and overall satisfaction with his career.  He answered an overwhelming “Yes” without any hesitation.  Specifically, I asked him to list the top 3 reasons why he would choose Summit Medical Group (SMG) again if he found himself in my position.  I believe his answer could be summarized as follows:

1.  Ideal practice management with an extensive network of support (IT/EMR, Human Resources, Credentialing, Insurance/Retirement benefits, Partnership arrangement, Payor contracting, Physician governance/Board structure..) to name a few.

2.  Attractive income above and beyond the “average” for PCP physicians in private practice.

3.  Ideal lifestyle in terms of inpatient hospitalist call coverage with  a productive outpatient primary care practice describing Summit Medical Group as a well-respected primary care group with a reputation for providing  excellent inpatient AND outpatient care.


All in all, I would agree with all of these statements noted above;  in fact, I would provide this list to any colleague who asked about my professional experience with SMG over the past 4 years if given the opportunity."